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Catalonia’s teachers

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Francesc Pedró

14/02/08 07.30 pm

(EN – TRADUCCIO NO DISP) Director de investigación del Centro para la Investigación y la Innovación Educativas de la OCDE

Audio (in Catalan)

Francesc Pedró presents the study entitled “Teachers in Catalonia”. The report, based on a survey of 4,000 Catalan primary and secondary school teachers, offers an analysis of Catalonia’s 80,783 teachers.

The aim is to show the social and demographic characteristics of Catalonia’s teachers. These more than 80,000 teachers are in the vast majority women, usually speak Catalan at home and, some 60%, work in the state system.

Among the main problems, the study stresses teachers’ few possibilities for promotion and shows how Catalonia has one primary school teacher for every 12 pupils and one secondary school teacher for every nine pupils, but how, in reality, teachers spend little of their time actually in the classroom –the rest of their time is spent in meetings, preparing classes, etc.– which leads to large class sizes.

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