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DEBATS D'EDUCACIÓ is a forum organised by the Jaume Bofill Foundation and the UOC, with the collaboration of MACBA, with the aim of encouraging debate on current affairs and background events that we believe to be key to the challenges and problems that have to be faced in education in terms of the social, political and economic context in which we live.

This forum is not designed for the exclusive use of teaching sector professionals or specialists. Bearing in mind that education represents a basic factor for the present and future of society, the forum is aimed at the general public and, more specifically, the socioeconomic, political and cultural agents in Catalonia.

With the aim of enriching this social debate that we are looking to encourage, we plan to invite people from Catalonia and around the world, who, in terms of their personal and professional experience, can contribute their vision and knowledge to the challenges currently faced by our society with regard to education.

Likewise, the website offers the possibility to compile questions, proposals, observations, etc. for the speaker, before the lecture takes place. Should the moderator deem apt, these contributions can be used on the day of the lecture during the question and answer section, but they will not be replied to privately.

The subject areas for the debates are those connected to education and ICT, education and values, educational policies, educational experiences and educational sociology.

Target audience

The DEBATS D'EDUCACIÓ project is aimed at the whole of Catalan society in general, and for those who are interested in or aware of educational issues in particular. Some of these groups include:

  • Working teachers
  • Other professionals from the field of education (social educators, pedagogues, educational psychologists, social workers, etc.)
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • Professional colleges
  • University students, in the widest sense
  • Educational institutions and professionals linked to the UOC via teaching, research or social knowledge dissemination activities
  • Educational institution managers


Editorial board

  • Ismael Palacín
    Jaume Bofill Foundation
  • Teresa Guasch
    Director of the Psychology and Educational Sciences Department of the UOC
  • Josep M. Mominó
    Lecturer of the Psychology and Educational Sciences Department of the UOC
  • Segundo Moyano
    Lecturer of the Psychology and Educational Sciences Department of the UOC

Executive edition

  • Yolanda Franco
    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Valtencir Mendes
    Jaume Bofill Foundation


  • Anna Buil
    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Valtencir Mendes (coordination)
    Jaume Bofill Foundation
  • Maria Boixadera (web coordination)
    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Samuel Blàzquez (web coordination)
    Fundació Jaume Bofill
  • Ismael Peña-López 
    Jaume Bofill Foundation and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Webinars consultant)

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