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Thinking about future challenges of education in Catalonia

Teachers and the Catalan educational system. Proposals for debate.

About the speaker

Miquel Martínez

17/04/08 07.30 pm

Professor of Educational Theory, University of Barcelona

The debate on the public role of teaching is now a priority on the agendas of those forming part of the educational community. This was made clear in the working sessions of the seminar on "Teachers and the Catalan educational system" and the book presentation offered by Miquel Martinez during this debate.

The analysis is based on two basic suppositions or ideas: firstly, that it is possible to improve the quality of education by changing the conditions affecting teaching and, secondly and above all, that higher levels of well-being in teachers' work has to be generated. If this can be achieved, it will have a direct effect on improving quality.

On the basis of these suppositions, the professionals taking part in the seminar looked to work out what changes are needed in the Catalan education system and its teachers, offering their views and ideas on these changes.

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