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Thinking about future challenges of education in Catalonia

Strategies to learn how to be an excellent teacher

About the speaker

Doug Lemov

30/04/15 06.30 pm

Managing Director of the Taxonomy of Effective Teaching Practices, Uncommon Schools

Doug Lemov believes in promoting the work of the many teachers who, as individuals, put into practice initiatives to achieve great results. These initiatives are, at times, creative and, at times, simple, but they are always based on their understanding of the reality that surrounds them. He is the author of the book Teach Like a Champion which recounts the experiences of a number of such teachers in the United States.

Summary of ideas

  • There is a need to raise awareness among teachers of the initiatives that work and aid success at school. The solutions for teachers have to come from other teachers.
  • We need to be ready for adverse situations and predictable problems. We often can improve results and efficiency by applying simple fixes or mundane solutions. Lemov gave as an example a teacher who practised with their students to find the best possible way to hand out papers. Something that seemed like a game was able to help save time on this task, time that could be better spent explaining the subject matter.
  • Teaching is not synonymous with students learning. Simple actions need to be developed to collect data to show whether students understand that being explained and detect those having more problems. Lemov gave as an example teachers who ensure constant feedback in class through questions and answers with their students.
  • We need to study the initiatives put into practice by teachers and promote the sharing of experiences and conversations between peers. This will let us create cultural capital and knowledge on the ground.
  • There is a need to assess teachers, but with specific data and flexibility. The aim is not only to root out problems, but also to recognize that which works and promote excellence.
  • Teachers are great at solving problems. They are on the front line and they need to be listened to.


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