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Cristóbal Cobo

Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute and expert on digital skills

Cristóbal Cobo holds a degree and a PhD in communication sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
He has been a research fellow at the University of Oxford’s Oxford Internet Institute since August 2010, where he is involved in various research projects on innovation, knowledge transfer and the future of the internet, such as KNetworks and SESERV. He is also a lecturer and supervisor.
Most notable publications
Together with Dr John Moravec from the University of Minnesota, he is coauthor of Aprendizaje Invisible: una nueva ecología de la educación, edited by the Interative Media Laboratory of the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the International University of Adalucía.
Other outstanding publications include the books Nuevas Arquitecturas de la Información, usabilidad e Internet (2009) and Planeta Web 2.0 (2007), the latter of which has been downloaded more than 170,000 times (

Was speaker in...

Invisible learning: learning in 3D, 360°and 24/7

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