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How education can change Brazil. The current situation and prospects for the future

Cristovam Buarque

Brazil is the world's fifteenth economic power, but only 71st in terms of educationBrazil has had a tumultuous history, with 200 years of slavery, 70 years of dictatorship and a...

Education and economics

Martin Carnoy

We should not accept the myth that lifelong learning is now possible, as according to empirical studies, only a certain group of people have access to ongoing learning: it is the...

Education: a right or a market?

Joan Coscubiela

The title of this talk raises two questions. The first question would be: Is education principally a human right geared to people's development and personal growth, or should it...

Why aren't schools companies?

Christian Laval

The current education policy dominating the world and, therefore, Europe obeys a dogmatic model that assimilates formal education and, increasingly, any educational activity into...

Educating on the border between intuition and comprehension

Jorge Wagensberg

Intuition involves relating one fragment of reality with another perceived in the past. Comprehension involves relating a fragment of reality with one of its intelligible...


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