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Thinking about future challenges of education in Catalonia

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Can education be improved?

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Jordi Pujol

05/11/07 07.30 pm

President of the Catalan government, 1980-2003

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Making positive changes to education is not at all easy, whether in Catalonia or Europe. It requires political bravery. This has been the case in Scandinavian countries, but not here yet.

Catalonia's state schools work well. They offer an integrating model and look to make the school a factor in social cohesion, regardless of a student's origins; nor are there economic or equipment problems: the only problem is the lack of political decisiveness

There are three factors to take into account for reform: the law has to recognise the role of teachers and take them into account when making decisions, and not just through the unions, but by listening to teachers who are in the classroom on a daily basis; there has to be a director, someone responsible for the educational programme, we cannot continue with the current situation of spontaneous criteria; and we have to recover the idea of effort in teaching, we have to be able to motivate and inspire the desire to learn.

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