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Thinking about future challenges of education in Catalonia

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Can education be improved?

Jordi Pujol

Making positive changes to education is not at all easy, whether in Catalonia or Europe. It requires political bravery. This has been the case in Scandinavian countries, but not...

School selection. Middle class strategies

Agnès Van Zanten

The choice of school is a very important part of young people’s lives and something that has been analysed in terms of a wide range of aspects. One of these aspects are the...

School careers of foreign students in the United States

Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

In today's world, there is a migratory movement that is without precedent for humankind, with some 185-200 million transnational immigrants, without taking into account internal...

Curriculum and citizenship. What and why in school education

Cèsar Coll i Salvador

What baggage of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and competencies are needed to form part of today's and tomorrow's society? What cultural capital should students have...

Who builds identities? The political crisis in schooling

Salvador Cardús

Catalonia has a long tradition of receiving people from abroad and integrating them, but each integration is different, and the enriching of the country is also different. With...


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