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The Future of Public Education

About the speaker

Álvaro Marchesi

26/06/08 07.30 pm

Secretary General of the Organisation of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI)

Audio. Part 1 (in Spanish)
Audio. Part 2 (in Spanish)

The speaker reflects on the situation of public education both in Spain and, in particular, in Catalonia and its prospects for the future. He also makes a number of proposals for public education to make its schools the backbone to the whole educational system.

The speaker demands a new drive in Catalan education for innovation. Despite the fact that during the 1980s Catalan proposals were listened to and became the benchmark for Spanish educational policy, since the 1990s these proposals have diminished.

This diminishing of these proposals has affected public schooling, which is undervalued throughout Spain due to the arising of a range of problems in a short period of time, including immigration, the raising of the age for compulsory education, reduced teacher morale, etc.

This disaffection, which is due to the aforementioned issues, has two key problems that the speaker looks at and explains; ie, the current student make-up and the lack of incentives in public schools able to inspire the trust of the population as a whole.

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