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Policy Priorities for Equal Educational Opportunities in Catalonia

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Xavier Bonal Sarró, Ferran Ferrer Julià and Miquel Àngel Essomba Gilabert

17/03/04 07.30 pm

Xavier Bonal Sarró - Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Ferran Ferrer Julià - Chair in Comparative Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Miquel Àngel Essomba Gilabert - Professor of Education and Educational Organisation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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This is a reproduction of the third chapter, "Policy Priorities for Equal Educational Opportunities in Catalonia", from the book Política educativa i igualtat d'oportunitats (Educational Policy and Equal Opportunities) and presents a proposal for priority activities to combat the different educational inequalities in Catalonia. The proposal is based on five structural axes of educational inequality (regional inequalities, or due to socioeconomic factors, sex, immigration processes or for students with special educational needs) that form barriers to effective equality amongst the different social groups. The elements needed to diagnose the inequalities in each case are determined and the priorities for action set. The article concludes by focusing on the most important factor in achieving equal opportunities: quality.

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